Is p2p considered a high-return investment? Like bitcoin?

  • Hey crowdfunders,
    I'm looking into investing in P2P, but would like to know more. What kind of an asset is P2P? How do you place it in your portfolio? is it high risk high return investment? like bitcoin?

  • This is very different compared to investing bitcoin. Bitcoin's pricing is violate. For p2p loans, you can expect receive a fixed amount every month, depending the tenure.

    The risks are also very different. In p2p you are looking at default risks. In bitcoin, your risks are the market/volatility risks.

  • Also, currently p2p lending is regulated by the SC. Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies are currently not, regulated - hence, there's a regulatory risk for them as well.

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    I think regulation for bitcoin is arriving soon. its either regulating or banning. they wont be left unchecked for long.
    But I do agree with your point of volatility. Bitcoin is a VERY high-risk high-return investment. p2p is not so high risk

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    @Rajni123 P2P is an alternative investment asset. Depending on your overall investment strategy, it is a good way to diversify. But please be assured that the returns are not guaranteed. Do your research on the platform you are going for, their default rates (probability that you lose your investment) and then make a decision. Happy to talk in depth via personal chat as well.

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