Kopitiam Singapore goes crypto

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    0_1562856109995_42e99e46-da08-4a48-b2c9-2033fb88b42f-image.png Source: Business Times

    KOPITIAM's new branch, KOPItech @ the newly opened Funan mall "will feature 20 self-service kiosks linked to an e-payment system that accepts numerous payment modes, including in cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum and creatanium accepted)."

    The conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat will be done on a weekly basis by Kopitiam and its fintech partner, with Kopitiam bearing the risks of any currency fluctuations.

    Source: https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/technology/kopitiam-takes-e-payment-to-next-level-with-cryptocurrencies

  • The fintech partner is PLMP Fintech (Creatanium). They'll be having an investor networking evening today 6.30pm.

    alt text

    PLMP Fintech (Creatanium) Investor Networking Evening: Latest Updates by Peter Lim

    Chief Strategy Officer Peter Lim will be sharing the latest updates on PLMP Fintech’s international expansion and upcoming projects that the Company is working on.

    Join us for an evening of sharing, networking and collaboration as we discover how to grow our wealth in today’s digital economy.


    • Existing Creatanium adopters

    • People who are interested in exploring the blockchain space

    • SME owners

    Refreshments will be provided.
    Registration starts at 6:30pm.

    12 Jul 2019
    7pm to 9.30pm
    Blockchain Technology Centre
    23 Serangoon North Avenue 5
    Bitcore Room, Level 6
    Singapore 554530

    Photo taken at KopiTech (Kopitiam), Funan mall:


  • I envy you guys, Singaporeans are so pro-crypto!

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    @ng-seng-he If you could (hypothetically speaking) implement such projects in Malaysia for mass adoption, where would you start from? Kopitiams/petrol stations/etc.?

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    @limjimmy Dang I missed it. :-( Thanks for the very relevant share Jimmy! Did you manage to attend it?


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