[SG] Art Investing - Blue Ocean

  • A friend of mine recently started his own fine art business at Marina Square. The list of services are:

    • Fine Art Gallery

    • Fine Art Valuation

    • Art Financing Advisory

    • Fine Art Leasing Services

    • Fine Art Investment Services

    • Fine Art Portfolio Management

    • Fine Art Consultation and Advisory

    For enquires, you may contact Chris @ 9825 7998 .

    Blue Ocean Art Pte Ltd
    6 Raffles Boulevard
    Marina Square
    Singapore 039594

    Facebook: link

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Community Manager

    @limjimmy Great share, Jimmy! Are they in any way similar to how Art Works operates?

  • @kaeley-wn Similar with additional services. They have plans to organise seminars for the public, and be listed in SGX.

  • Blue Ocean Art Gallery is now on Facebook!

    alt text

  • Community Manager

    @limjimmy Followed :-) Are you investing in their pieces yet? Are the returns attractive in your opinion?

  • @kaeley-wn No plans to invest yet. There are a few pieces there which offers 6% p.a. rental income for at least 2 years, plus the option to sell it back to them at up to 110% of the initial purchase price, after the end of rental contract. Contact Chris for more details.


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