CrowdFund Talks Awards: Launching 📛 CrowdFund Talks Badges!

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    We're back again with CrowdFund Talks Awards 😊🏆

    First phase: CrowdFund Talks Badges!

    First up, we’d like to thank everyone for being spontaneous with awarding 👍upvotes to deserving posts daily.

    In the spirit of encouraging members who've made helpful posts and to help build greater learning opportunities for everyone through discussions, we'll be awarding the following badges to a select group of members within our community, as a token of appreciation!

    What’s the award criteria?

    Members who’ve hit a substantial number of 👍upvotes received from the community (yes, you!) will be awarded badges as per our new badging system.

    Whether it was a through posting a witty comment, a highly factual post, a detailed and intricate write-up of the gold industry in India, being a helpful hand in times of need, or sharing and explaining a full progress report on one's P2P portfolio, these members have accumulated lots of upvotes, which amounts to a high reputation score, which is no mean feat.

    Discussions within the community couldn’t have grown as quickly, to be including 682 different topics around alternative investing if not for quality contributions from these contributors, and everyone who's earned at least an upvote.

    Let’s continue to learn from one another and discover more perspectives on CrowdFund Talks, for you aren’t alone in your investing journey. 💪

    Do you qualify for these badges (yet)?


    Members who’ve received a total of 600👍 upvotes and above


    Members who’ve received a total of 200👍 upvotes and above

    Beyond 600👍?

    As with a learning process that never stops, and while we progress & deepen our understanding of alternative investments, P2P lending etc., badges for higher levels of achievement will be rolled out in future so everyone can keep up and Follow the people who're making waves 🌊

    You have (up)voted!


    excluding CrowdFund Talks moderators


    excluding CrowdFund Talks moderators
    @Bendahara, @ktinvest, @jonhan, @DC, @antoniomc27, @josephyiong

    Well-deserved achievements, everyone! 🎉

    Who, where?

    e.g. @antoniomc27's badge in sky-blue

    Keep it up, you’re almost there: @bursagoinglong, @Lipozami, @horkh

    You may keep a tab on your own reputation score on your profile page. :)

    Do take note ⚠

    Of course, having earned a badge does not imply that the tips, strategies or perspectives contributors write about are foolproof—despite having created many posts which were well-appreciated. It is still of utmost importance that we continue doing our due diligence, and make balanced personal investing decisions wisely and carefully!

    As @racingcar always emphasizes, caveat emptor!

    Stay tuned for the next phase of CrowdFund Talks Awards (Most Helpful Posts)!

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    I saw the badge and thought you made me FS staff!

    Free money, passive income, I thought! 🥰

    Now I am back to reality...

  • Contributor

    I don't see my badges lol

    Edit now I do cool


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