Looking for partners: Alternative Finance Website

  • Hey there,

    I have in mind to start a website to cover different topics on personal finance, saving, frugal life, cross-border investing, alternative finance, financial freedom, career-related tools, soft-skills and leadership, travel hacks, international payments and remittance…

    I am looking for a partner, preferably based in KL (but SG or any other place with same time zone would also be ok) with strong skills on web design, that can design and admin web browser and presence across different online platforms (social media, forums like this one, etc). Ideally, the blog would not only be in English, but also Spanish (where this is hitting big among millennials) and even Bahasa or Mandarin if my partner masters them.

    If you are interested or know someone who would be interested, please hit me up 😊

    How do I plan to add value among so many existing “international investor” / alternative finance blogs?

    Spanish citizen. Graduated in Industrial Engineering and Applied Economics. Passionate investor, traveler, and citizen of the world. I have been living on my own, abroad, and self-sufficiently since I was 17. I have lived, worked and invested in the 3 main continents: Europe, America, and Asia. Profoundly curious, I like to invest for the long term by insulating from short term noise and include demographic and geopolitical considerations into my fundamental analysis, whether it is a stock, a bank to deposit my money, or an alternative finance platform.

    My goal is to hit a net worth of 888 troy oz of gold (around 1.1 million dollar as of today prices) before I hit 35. Mainly because at the time I hit 35 US dollar might very well be on par with toilet paper. ;)

  • @antoniomc27

    seems interesting. i have minimal knowledge in the manual writing of codes (html/css) but have previously created websites using pre-existing templates provided by web builders. That should be quite sufficient for a finance website/blog with social media presence.

  • @antoniomc27
    Just create a new blog using wordpress. its so simple to do. once you start earning from it, you can invest in a freelancer to build a fresh website.

    or just blog on crowdfund talks and share with your network. you already have a good following here :)

  • @jonhan I thought about it of course, but I want to start in a more professional way since the beginning, because I am confident it will be good.

    @tckw93 I will DM you ;)


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