Dogecoin anybody?

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    Screencap of the legend's ig profile

    Some background on Dogecoin:

    • It's an altcoin
    • It has shown its resistance towards the bearish trends (relating to bitcoin) and has still managed to maintain its $0.002 value for quite some time now (wow)
    • Started off as a parody crypto and was just intended to poke some fun on the crypto market, but it "gained much wider acceptance than many would have imagined and also reached a valuation of 1 billion within few years of its launch"

    Some background on doge:

    Does anyone here own any of these?!

    Dogecoins / real doges?

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    Btw, that isn't any other doge's ig account—it's the official account of the original doge that inspired the meme :)

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    Are people still buying crypto these days? :P


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