Year in Review, 2018 - A letter to all CrowdFund Talkers!

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    Hello everyone 🙌

    Oh snap, we've already dipped our toes into 2019. However, timestamps aside, do join in & take a moment to celebrate what all of us have achieved in 2018! 🙌😊

    We’re thankful and heartened to have witnessed the community grow across the year.

    Both in size and in the depth (e.g. the discussions we had on defining success in crowdfunding, goal-setting in P2P lending) and breadth (new categories on robo-advisory, personal finance & productivity, equity crowdfunding and more) of conversations we've shared.

    Big thank you to you and you:

    You play a crucial role in building the alternative investing and financing landscape in Southeast Asia!

    Thanks to our inquisitive and forward-looking investors / interested parties from different 🌍 nations & origins, ways into new initiatives had been paved for🌍 cross-country investing within and beyond Southeast Asia, and for help to be offered to investors looking to explore opportunities across countries 🌍.

    Our community has grown to comprise not just P2P investors and platform representatives, but a more diverse pool of alternative investing experts, novices and beginners. Last but not least, financial/investment bloggers with a heart for alternative investing and the willingness to share their perspectives.

    Regardless of whether you’re based in Singapore or Malaysia, we’re positive and hope that the ‘golden’ opportunities to meet, communicate with, learn from or to educate the diverse population have been rewarding for each and every one of us.

    Here’s some exciting sneak peeks in 2019:

    • Within the next few days: A dedicated CrowdFund Talks Facebook page inspired by the many nuggets of wisdom from the community ☝️💭
    • 👍 Like our page (link incoming) to stay in the loop of handpicked news & discussions taking place, related to the regional alternative investment landscape!
    • More meetups like the ones you might have attended in Singapore and Malaysia!

    And here’s how you can be a part of & lead community initiatives:

    • Moderate posts or threads by informing us - @vamsi7 & @kaeley-wn, if you see any post which violates any of our Rules & Regulations (constructive conversations can safely take precedence and grow in a place where spam and outrightly promotional content does not thrive. Let’s not cloud out the good stuff!)

    • Pass on your valuable skills to fellow investors by starting new threads (💥example) - who knows, you may learn a thing or two in the process

    • Ask questions - either as new topics or new posts (💥example)- ask away and tag any investing veterans you see on the forum (Psst - you’ll soon be able to recognize who the more experienced investors are via a new badge awarding system! Are you are of them? Stay tuned!)

    • Share with us latest news / tips which would be useful for fellow alternative investors - e.g. @chekmeng’s update on P2P movements in Vietnam

    • Refer us potential AMA candidates - or step up to the challenge yourself! Drop me or @vamsi7 right now if you're interested.

    This forum was first unveiled in July 2017 in Malaysia, and then in April 2018 in Singapore. Since then, the site has been visited by 50,000 unique users interested in alternative investments, and within 2018, a whopping 400 new topics across alternative investments have been added & discussed by all of us.

    Here’s a look at some fast facts:


    3 Most Upvoted Topics of the Year (🌹 roses among...the roses)


    So popular, you might be interested to chime in too -

    Crowdsourced Content

    In crowdfunding, we pool money to provide businesses with working capital and liquid funds. Following the same train of thought in crowdsourcing, we pool questions, information, perspectives, tips and tracking tools. Presenting one of the most crowdsourced topics!

    Company Representatives


    We’re honoured to host company representatives from firms interconnected 🌐 within the space (peer-to-peer lending, robo-advisory, international money remittance, personal finance blogs). By engaging transparently with the community, communication gaps between the community and platforms can be shortened, and multiple users can benefit from a single conversation, where relevant.

    Users have posed questions, raised feedback on products. People who have not tried out a particular product/service have been able to take chances to learn more from experienced users before getting their hands dirty (in a good way!).

    Check out the activity of company representatives here.

    Financial Bloggers


    We’re also honoured to have several passionate financial bloggers who’ve interacted with the rest of the community, be it through AMAs or simply being interactive with their perspectives and knowledge-sharing.

    Check out their activity here.

    More to come in 2019!

    By continuing to fill each others’ knowledge lapses, we could, as a community:

    • Be more productive
    • Optimise our resources
    • More thoughtfully diversify our portfolio
    • Increase returns
    • Mitigate unnecessary risk

    We've reached the end of this long post!

    May our passion for learning never dissipate, curiosity never fade, and may we never simply leave things up to ‘fate’.

    💪 stay helpful, stay savvy.

    The CrowdFund Talks team

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    Congrats to us all.

  • Great to be learning from so many experienced investors here! Congrats :)

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  • @kaeley-wn do you have a Year In Review 2018 for the chattiest crowdfundtalker? :b


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