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    Hi everyone, creating this thread for those of us who're interested in / engaged in value investing, or deep value investing, to share or recommend opportunities whenever and wherever you spot them!

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    For beginners: Some characteristics of value investing:

    • Investors buy stocks which they deem to be undervalued by everyone else (the market)
    • Typically, value investing is driven by the belief that a stock has a higher intrinsic value than their market price
    • There is an expectation for a profit opportunity, when they believe that the price of the stock they purchase today is set to increase over time, to match what it's actually worth
    • It is subjective, as different investors may work through similar / different pieces of information, to come up with their own conclusions on a stock's intrinsic value
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  • I attended the Deep Value Detector workshop. Though logical and inspiring, I found it very subjective to implement. It revolves around Net-Net Investing. Buy stocks where value of current and tangible assets are worth more than current stock value.

    I stick to income investing via Dividend Machines. it’s basically my type of investment strategy.

    You can check the course out here.


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