anyone bought IOTA?

  • came across this coin. MIOTA. seems quite interesting. has anyone bought it before?
    specifically they focus on IOT integration and communication between devices.
    market cap: $882m
    current price: USD$0.317

    their website seems quite interesting too. neat presentation of different technicalities although i don't really understand fully.

    go or no go?

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    Hi @loresqq. To me, is a clear No Go.

    I hold a symbolic amount. I purchased a small quantity of around ten different cryptocurrencies that appealed to me in early 2018. They all went up quite a bit and then it all collapsed.

    I think blockchain technology is the future, but mom and pop investors are not going to get rich by holding cryptos in itself. Institutional money has never really stopped flowing into cryptos, it is just that they do not buy currencies, but rather invest in exchanges, startups leveraging blockchain technology, etc. (Coinbase, Binance, Bithumb and the like).

    Talking about IOTA, I think it is a very useful idea (the Tangle concept is truly unique among the hundreds or thousands of cryptos out there). The same as Ripple (XRP). And it is being used now and will be probably widely used in the future. But i just dont think it is a smart investment.

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    I trade and go in and out based on momentum.


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