New Year Resolutions 2019! What are Yours?

  • Hey everyone! 2018 has passed so quickly. Hopefully, we have accomplished a few goals that we set for ourselves in the beginning of the year. Definitely, having some regrets and disappointments are inevitable.

    Regardless, let us move forward by looking ahead to 2019!

    What are your new year resolutions for 2019?

    It can be related to investing, your professional or personal lives! Let's reflect and plan before we head into the new year!

    I'll go first:

    1. Read 12 books (at least 1 book a month)
    2. Learn to play a guitar: I really want to become proficient in this because I'm so inspired by some YouTubers who play so well (Sungha Jung!!)
    3. Spend more time with my parents
    4. Of course, deepening my knowledge of stocks and investments!

  • Emergent

    Signed up with private yoga instructor. Looking achieve advanced level if possible.

  • Only having my kopi O with less sugar, need to control the sugar intake!

  • Excited for the New Year ahead!!

    As for me:

    1. Go on a solo back-packer trip abroad!
    2. Complete my driving license (any tips on passing on the first try?)
    3. Try out more alternative investment products and diligently track their performance.

    Keep the posts going! (:

  • For me get more finance & investment knowledge. Save more money and spend lesser money. More workout. Create my very first investment ebook and share to others.

  • Contributor

    I have eight resolutions items this year one more than this year.

    I will not name everything here.

    It includes

    Lose weight
    Increase investment profit
    Read 12 books a year


    This year 5/7 resolutions fulfilled

  • Contributor

    In no particular order:

    1. Learn Mandarin
    2. Deepen knowledge in invesment
    3. Hit a certain amount of net worth
    4. Hit 8 hours of sleep regularly
    5. Achieve 52 hours of volunteering per year and 3% of my salary donated to charity or socially responsible projects

    ... Other undisclosed work-related goals.

  • OMG! This sounds fun!


    1. Having a work-life balance.
    2. Achieving net worth of RM100k (actually this goal is til 2021)
    3. Increased stream of income.
    4. 100% increased in earning, without including my salaried job.
    5. Freelancing/having own business.
    6. DRINK.LESS.TEH.TARIK (@yy_098: let work on our goals together)

    Excited to know about others!

    BTW guy! New Year is coming in 2 days! Happy New Year in advance everyone!

    1. Lose (more) fats.
    2. Rid of black circles and eye bags
    3. Learn freediving
    4. How not to lose money on stock market
    5. Buy a house
    6. Meet the keeper


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