1.1.4: Which platforms are open globally 🌍 to foreign investors?

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    This is part of the Cross-Country P2P Investing series, where we explore the different factors one should consider when doing cross-country P2P investing, crowdsourced from the community and beefed up with more research. Enjoy!

    Hey folks!

    These platforms are open globally to foreign investors, in alphabetical order:

    • Amartha (Indonesia)
    • Crowdo (Indonesia)
    • Envestio (Estonia)
    • EstateGuru (US); bank account in any of the EEA member states or in Switzerland required
    • Fellow Finance (Finland)
    • Funding Societies (Singapore)
    • Funding Societies (Malaysia)
    • FundingSecure (UK)
    • KoinWorks (Indonesia)
    • Linked Finance (Ireland); EU bank account required
    • Mintos (UK); EU bank account required, or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU
    • Modalku (Indonesia)

    Additional notes:

    • If the platform is based in the UK you will generally face greater hurdles when trying to open an overseas account, such as more manual checks to try to confirm your identity

    @Gaudente @antoniomc27 @evenu thanks for bringing awareness to these platforms, and for sharing your experiences in other posts!

    Feel free to further recommend any of the above platforms that you've used, with any follow-up comments or reviews. :)


    Heard of / currently investing with any global platforms outside of this list?

    Spread the love and introduce them to us!


    Happy investing as always!

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    P.S.: All the above platforms have been tried by various community members, so go ahead and ask questions below to find out about their experience!

  • Has anyone heard about this platform? It seems they are open for global investors as well and it is based in Estonia Europe.

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    @josephyiong Not me, thanks for sharing! :) have you heard good things about them?

  • Here are some more platforms that I use as a Malaysia based investor. I have an EU bank account also a Borderless account with Transferwise in GBP and EUR.

    Lendy (UK) - running down
    Collateral (UK) - in administration!
    MoneyThing (UK) - running down
    DoFinance (Latvia) - exited
    Grupeer (Latvia) - business loans up to 12 months
    Robocash (Latvia) short term consumer loans
    FastInvest (Lithuania) consumer loans up to 12 months
    Peerberry (Lithuania) short term consumer loans
    Envestio (Estonia) business loans

    In the original list EstateGuru should be Estonia not US

  • Hi @kaeley-wn , both Mintos and Estateguru are Baltic platforms (Latvia/Estonia/Lithuania).

    @Alistair-Black glad to see people in Robocash, DoFinance, Envestio! I also invest on the 3 of them.

    @josephyiong I have invested a moderate sum on it about a month ago. High risk- high reward platform, for the moment wait-and-see approach for me before investing further.

    If you want a referral code, PM me, and we can get 5 EUR + a 0.5% bonus of the funds you invest

  • On a general note, here are some referral links to some of the platforms above, and an explanation of what reward each referrer/referred gets:

    My Code, to be used during registration: U027595
    This referral program is quite unfair, offering 1% of the funds invested during the 3 first months ONLY to the referrer. To make it fair, I propose I bank you 0.5% so we both get 0.5% of the invested funds

    Reward: 5 EUR + 0.5% of the funds invested for both.

    0.5% of the funds invested during the next 3 months of opening the account for both.

    0.75% of the funds invested during the first 3 months for both

    Referral income is paid for all investments made within 6 months by users, registered by following your referral link. The time period is calculated from the moment of user’s registration on Grupeer Platform.
    Referral income depends on the term for which the investment is made:
    • investments for a period up to 3 months : referral income 0.50% of the investment;
    • investments for a period from 3 up to 6 months: referral income 0.70% of the investment;
    • investments for a period from 6 up to 9 months: referral income 1.00% of the investment;
    • investments for a period from 9 up to 12 months: referral income 1.00% of the investment;
    • investments for a period more than 12 months : referral income 1.25% of the investment.

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    Hey there @alistair-black!

    Curious to find out if there're any changes on your involvement with these platforms. Any updates? :)

  • Eastern Europe markets regulated?

  • @jomni recent article on P2P regs in the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) https://www.p2phero.com/2018/01/15/regulation-of-p2p-loans-with-focus-on-the-baltics/?lang=en

    relevant to Envestio and the other platforms @Alistair-Black uses..

  • How do you transfer money to these European platforms - always the same service, or depending on prevailing rates?

  • @jomni said in 1.1.4: Which platforms are open globally 🌍 to foreign investors?:

    Eastern Europe markets regulated?

    shhhh....be quiet..... regulation means taxes

  • @kaeley-wn Only minor change as I have added Crowdestor from Estonia. A new platform with few loans. It was suggested as a complement to Envestio by a financial blogger. Envestio like many others have reduced interest rates, but still are competitive.
    I am definitely decided to reduce my Sterling exposure as far as possible because of Brexit, but this is difficult as there are many bad property loans with Lendy and Moneything, not to speak of the defunct Collateral platform!


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