CrowdFund Talks Awards Week - Most Acknowledged 5!

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    Whose posts are the most loved by the community to date? Upvotes don’t come easy (just as ♫ words... don't come easy either), but who’s nailed it the most?

    Apart from thanking our Top 5 Contributors, we’d also like to specially appreciate the following people for continuously generating good content that caught the interest of their many upvoters since the community's inception:

    In no particular order:

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    Here’s a little more on the winners (in their own words, within the Introduce Yourself thread):


    Hi. Legal background. Feel like Malaysians are always complaining about the limited wealth that they own but ignore the importance of saving, investing and reinvesting, which are the starting blocks of wealth. So I write about investing on to create awareness that investing is simple and comprehensible for everyone.
    Invests in equities, unit trusts, bonds, and P2P. Would like to invest more in P2P in 2018 to diversify.


    I started investing in earnest (in stocks, ETF, REITs and Mutual Funds) beginning 2007. Enjoyed exceptionally good returns right off the bat, but suffered heavy loses in 2008. Thankfully, I didn't give up, and have continuously ploughed all my savings into, mostly, value stocks. In 2014, I left my paid employment (I was a VP at a sovereign wealth fund) with the view of setting up an investment partnership -- which, alas, I never managed to do until very recently. (Was distracted with some work I did, assisting a few charitable foundations run by friends. Plus, I was having too much fun raising my two young kids.)
    I was familiar with KIVA and Kickstarter, but became aware of P2P lending only recently through a friend. Since then I have invested -- besides FSMY, FSSG and MDK -- in Fundaztic (Malaysia), Linked Finance (Ireland), Fellow Finance (Finland), Mintos (Latvia), and Funding Secure (UK). I did this partly to diversity, and partly for the learning experience.
    I have advanced degrees in Engineering and Foreign Affairs. I have also done coding every now and then to kill monotony.

    Hey there @Rajni123, @DC, @Gaudente, congrats once again!

    Feel free to post a reply below to introduce yourself so we can get to know a little more about you! :)

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    Thanks @kaeley-wn and @vamsi7 (and others) for doing a great job on this forum, and also to the rest of the FS crew in making FS great. Much appreciated!

  • Congratulation.

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    Congrats to winners

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    Congrats to everyone.
    @DC You're welcome. Our team at FS is very happy to hear that! Onwards and upwards.!

  • When & where is your next crowdfunding talks?
    I am stil a new investor !!!

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    @subra59 hey, welcome to cf talks. Will let you know when we hold the next meetup. But meanwhile, do feel free to use this online platform to interact with like-minded investors.

    I see that there are a lot of newbies joining cf talks lately. Would urge them to read up this post.

    @kaeley-wn do you think we should create a beginner thread and fill it with relevant resources to get them acquainted with the whole investing scene?


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