CrowdFund Talks Awards Week - Top 5 Contributors!

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    Dear fellow crowdfunding investors!

    CrowdFund Talks turns ONE today! 🎉🎉🎉

    A big pat on the back to all members! You've helped grow and support the P2P ecosystem in ways big or small, by exchanging questions, sharing feedback (both positive and negative), experiences and valuable expertise.

    It’s been our pleasure as mods to connect with all of you and to continue finding opportunities for greater synergy between investors, industry experts, and company representatives from different platforms.

    As we reflect on the above, we’d like to specially thank the following people for being the top contributors, based on the many posts they have contributed, as well as the discussions they’ve generated within the community since its inception a year ago:


    In no particular order,

    Check your email for a little gift from us mods!!

    Also, check out what we’ve added to your profile picture, while you weren’t looking. ;)

    Stay sharp! Cheers~
    Stay tuned, everyone else! :)

    We will be announcing the winners for the other categories throughout the week.
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    All the best and happy investing as always!

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    Here’s a little more on the winners in their own words, within the Introduce Yourself thread (winners, simply post a reply below if you’d like to add on to them!):


    Hi there, I am currently working in a REIT management company under finance and my job function is managing mall rental collection matters. I'm interested in investment and discovered FS since Aug'17 and have been actively investing in this platform thus far. Would love to hear more about investment ideas and discuss how do we plan our passive income for our future. =)


    Hi all, I am an ex-banker from various banks. I am currently a full-time risk manager and a part-time "Fund Manager" where I manage my own fund. The amount that I am currently managing may not be a lot. I will be expecting myself to bring in more capital in 2018 so my funding business is on an expansion mode.
    I treated the fund as if it is my company and my business (To the point that it even has a name) so every transaction had been recorded and the performance will be reviewed with the KPI set.
    I am pleased with the existence of P2P platform where we can participate lending which is traditionally reserved for the financial institutions. It allows me to form up my funding portfolio equity and lending. I have a friend who became blind recently joining this p2p lending venture. (I term it as a joint venture) to allow him to have a source of passive income. The fund which I used for him comes from the previous business venture we have done. So no additional input needed from him.
    In the future, I will likely to add on day trading. With that in place, I hope to raise my current year growth by 15% from last year.
    My dream will be to eventually quit my day job to concentrate on managing my funds and multiple sources of passive income and to work with other people to turn their dreams into reality.


    Hi all,
    Banker / Risk Manager in Singapore. I'm not a Credit person though. :)
    Investments are mostly geared towards passive income. Equities, REIT, Unit Trust, Crowdfunding (FS and CM).


    Hello all, :)
    Kelv here, started FS MY in Dec2017 and later started FS SG in Feb2018. I am in Engineering industry.

    Hey @rajpuga!
    Feel free to post a reply below to introduce yourself, so we can get to know a little more about you. :)

  • congrats all~

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    Thanks for the award. Will still try continue to join in the discussion.

  • Congrats all! Excited to learn more from you.

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    @jomni You're very much welcome! Got your response to the email. Do stay tuned for your prize :)

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    @cybreed What's up Gerald, haven't heard from you in a while hahaha! More categories to come so do stay tuned. Also, Awards will be done on a quarterly basis :)

  • Still perplexed on this award. I guess my role here is pretty similar to "opposition" OR "investor's representative" who voice out from investor's perspective. My comments were quite critical and harsh at times, but I really hope they are all constructive and helpful in the sense of holding the platform accountable. haha. Thanks and appreciate it anyways! =)

  • @kaeley-wn yeah.. been busy distracted by pubgm.

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    @josephyiong No worries mate! Investors' questions & opinions are indeed valuable to the community. Be it for communication and mutual understanding between investors and platforms, or between fellow investors. :)

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    @josephyiong Congrats once again!!

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    Thank you for the award. I learn from everyone here

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    Humbled with the awards.
    Thanks to all and lets keep sharing our views and opinions to broaden each other's perspectives.

  • Funding Societies

    Congrats to everyone.
    @josephyiong Thanks for holding the platforms to higher standards. This community is built for the main purpose of giving voice to our investors. We only care that the opinions are based out of facts and data, rather than emotions. So far, the community has been quite understanding. Please keep going! :)

    @Bendahara And we, at funding societies learn a lot from all of you too!



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