If you only had 10 more days to live, what would you do with your remaining money?

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    Assuming your descendants/spouse will be able fend for themselves and won't need money, assuming you had SGD 500,000/MYR 1,500,000/IDR 5bn left (liquid assets/cash),

    Would you:

    • Go on holiday? Where to?
    • Donate it to charity? Which?
    • Still invest in P2P to empower businesses (jk)??

    Send in your crazily serious/seriously crazy ideas.

  • I would go on a trip to north korea. this is probably the only instance where i would dare to such a thing.

    kim jong

  • I will use RM200k for holiday trip, RM1.3Mil to buy Lamborghini ...... hahahaha.....ended up my 10 days last wished..... hahahaa

  • Go to locations like in that Netflix show Dark Tourist, go visit Chernobyl and Fukushima past the safe zones and see that nuclear blast created lake in Kazakhstan.

    I'm living only 10 extra days anyway, some higher levels of radiation won't mean much. haha

  • I would spend it on a ferry/humble boat that would be able to last for 20 days. Travel with my loved ones out at sea all the way to Hawaii. Then have them travel back home in the next 10 days, without me :(

  • To say sorry to those who I should say so and say thank you to those who I should say so, $ is useless already, might be I donate it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Buy as many wheelchairs as I can, donate them to as many physically disadvantaged brothers and sisters out there...

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    @rajni123 Hahaha nice. How would you spend your remaining money upon arriving? The plane rides should cost no more than $2K?

    Heard the first fast food restaurant selling "minced beef with bread" there was opened by 3 Singaporeans. Maybe you could be the next :p

  • Buy all the necessary for the funeral, make the trial run on the funeral.

    Have a farewell dinner with everyone, giving a thank you speech to all, have a crazy stage singing with them before we all get drunk. (A Japanese tycoon did that knowing that he had terminal illness but no singing nor drunk part. I will top it off with every guess to get an iPhone or something.

    Then I will record videos of my singing lol so that I can sing along with the send off songs. (Kind of cool idea huh.)

    That is really crazy I guess

  • trial run for a funeral?

    I would just donate it all.

  • Oh I make sure I set all the nominations and transfer my properties and assets to my wife and daughters.

    I will then take time to spend with my family members and friends.

  • @toby you sound like me.

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    @bendahara wow TRIAL RUN, lol! A pity there's no most elaborate funeral plan for CF Talks Awards hahaha


  • Some estate planner may do a mock up not too sure about this in Singapore but China they have this


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