[How To] Customise Posts and Replies on CrowdFund Talks

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    1) Font Styles

    • To italicise text, simply put an * asterisk * on each side of your text.

    • To bold text, just put ** two asterisks ** on each side of your text.

    • To add bullet points or create lists, simply enter a dash (-), or (1.) in front of your text, before hitting Enter.

    2) Headers

    • To create headers for your text, place a '#' in front of your text.
    • for a big header text

    • for a small header text

    3) Tables

    • Hit “ | “ to determine the number of columns.

    • Create your column headers in the first row.

    • In the row under your column headers, you have to include three dashes ( ---) to indicate that the rows above are your column headers.

    • Create subsequent rows by following the same process.

    4) Replying another user

    • Reply to a post by clicking the 'Reply' button located at the bottom of each post. Alternatively, tag/reply someone by adding a “@” followed by their usernames in the text.

    • Saving time? Type a quick reply by scrolling down to the bottom of a topic page, where a text box appears. Do take note that a quick reply does not allow for a preview of your text and has limited functions compared to that of a normal reply.

    • Reply to a thread by clicking 'Reply' at the bottom of the page.

    5) Upvoting, Downvoting & Quoting

    • Show support / let someone know you disagree by upvoting or downvoting their response, at the bottom right corner of each post.

    • To "quote" someone, simply click on the 'Quote' button and the screen below would appearing, quoting the person’s post. You can add a comment and additional remarks as you see fit.

    Wish to have any feature added?

    Facing any difficulties?

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