[General Investing] Diversifying your portfolio

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    Hi everyone!

    Upon interacting with a number of us within the community, I've gathered that some of us:

    • Are looking to explore various means of investment opportunities / alternative financing
    • Have had a fair share of experience in investing across both traditional and alternative means

    Would be interesting if we could exchange our experiences, tips/good-practices on how we've diversified our portfolio so far, so we can learn a thing or two from one other. :)

    Some ideas for a start:

    • How we've diversified our portfolio - different avenues we've tried so far (company shares/p2p/crypto/reits etc.)
    • Any methods we've stuck to, how we've made progress
    • New alternative financing avenues (!), our experiences, if any
    • External resources - where we get our information from / useful groups and meetups we're part of
    • Words of encouragement to beginners :)

  • I've been investing in unit trusts for a while, some variable universal life insurance as well. As for alternative financing, I am relatively familiar only with p2p, and crypto, if that's considered. Am also exploring new means and open to different avenues right now.

    Anyone into Robo Trading?

  • @maybewei not Robo-trading but Robo Investment Advisory. I put some money in Stashaway, then you set your risk tolerance and goals. The algorithm will buy ETF’s based on the selected portfolio make up as per your your criteria. It will auto rebalance every month. My gains for almost 1 year is just 2%. That is because all ETF’s are in USD and the exchange rate effect is so significant (SGD strengthened against USD for the past year).

  • Am interested in knowing about Stashaway. Mind informing us more about it.

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