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    Welcome to CrowdFund Talks. Here are some general guidelines for using this forum:

    Be descriptive and clear in your topic names

    Post a descriptive topic name. Give a short summary of your problem IN THE SUBJECT. Don’t use strange subject lines like
    Help me, Hello, Very urgent, I have a question or anything similar to these.
    Here is a good example of a way to post a question

    How does auto invest work? or Are there any fees or charges involved?

    No Spam / Advertising / Self-promotion in the forums

    CrowdFund Talks defines spam as unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites, or posts with little, or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forums with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business or forums etc.

    Spamming also includes sending private messages to a large number of different users with the same content.

    DO NOT publicly solicit email addresses or phone numbers.

    Administrators have the right to take action in this regard, which may include deleting your posts and/or banning your account permanently.

    Do not post copyright-infringing material

    Providing or asking for information on how to illegally obtain copyrighted materials is forbidden.

    Do not make "offensive", "hostile" or "abusive" posts, links or images

    Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, hostility, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums.

    Do not cross post questions

    Please refrain from posting the same question in several forums. There is likely one forum which is most suitable in which to post your question

    Remain respectful of other members at all times

    All posts should be professional and courteous. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and to explain your perspective.

    However, you are not permitted to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community.

    General Forum Questions

    Am I allowed more than one account?

    No. The Administrator has the right to remove / de-activate the accounts of any member found to be using more than one username.

    What happens if I break a rule?

    If you break a rule, then you will be warned and in repeat/extreme cases, banned. A ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent.
    The administrators and moderators also have the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread or post as they see necessary, without prior warning.

    What happens if I see a thread/post which has broken a rule?

    Please report the thread/post to the moderators or admin.

    Where can I find out who moderators are?

    Do not reveal parties' details in your discussion
    As part of investors' contracts with borrowers, you may not reveal any information which may identify the parties involved.

    Only upon signing this contract, can a registered investor (on either Singapore or Malaysia) have access to notes or fact sheets. Not everyone on CrowdFund Talks, which is a free-for-all community which non-qualified investors are also allowed access to have signed this contract. This renders the sharing of such information by any user, publicly on CrowdFund Talks, in breach of this contract.

    Information as above, is defined as: Name, Identity, Data, Information, Screenshots which may or may not be traced to originate from a fact sheet (including through paraphrasing of existing data or information)

    In abidance to a consistent approach, this restriction shall not be strictly limited to Funding Societies' notes, but also be applied to information pertaining to issuers of other P2P platforms based in either Malaysia or Singapore.

    Do not discuss any loan before or during crowdfunding
    As part of the regulations in Singapore, discussion of any upcoming or ongoing investment opportunity is not allowed on the forum.

  • Contributor

    Hi, i'm new here. Could I clarify the below please?

    [For Singapore only] Do not discuss any loan before or during crowdfunding
    As part of the regulations in Singapore, discussion of any upcoming or ongoing investment opportunity is not allowed on the forum.

    Just curious why the regulations would prevent discussion of investment opportunities? This does not seem to encourage transparency. I would understand there are some limitations in sharing specific details on the company names and investors etc, but if it was a general discussion in regards to the loan (or more likely default scenario) why are we not allowed to discuss it? (Or to ask from another angle, how can we discuss scenarios such as defaults which would interest many investors in a safe manner?)

  • Funding Societies

    @dc - Hey! The regulations on this is akin to why we need Investors to clear the relevant pre-qualification checks (Generic Questionnaire / Suitability Assessment / Risk Disclosure) on the platform before being able to view the opportunities and invest in the loans.

    With regards to discussing a particular loan / borrower - as this is a public forum, we are required to protect their identities as a form of Data Protection based on due diligence requirements under the PDPA.

  • @sean-fs Old topic - but i think it's important to re-highlight. This creates a moral hazard problem - if it's a data protection issue, then perhaps you should build in a waiver at the onset. This waiver would require the borrower, in event of default, to consent to disclosing certain details about the borrower to prevent people from coming back (e.g. payment history and anonymised borrower id). Default should have consequences.


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