Thoughts on the recent XRP price spike

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    We see that the price of XRP is surging since yesterday probably because of rumors about COINBASE adding XRP to its trading platform.

    Regardless the add on coinbase can be true or not, my considerations regard the fact that as of now this kind of rumors have the power to affect the price, speaking for a very limited interest of huge investors in XRP. This should not be as negative since it can mean once again that we are in the baby era of XRP.

    However this could also mean that the world around XRP and more generally crypto is quite limited and stupid rumors (often false) determine spike and dump and that there is scarce space for real growth due to mature interest in XRP.

    What do you guys think about this spike?

  • The nature of the Crypto market is it operates on perceptions and rumours.

    Until more projects mature and has real world use cases (OMG, VEN, other business utility tokens etc), the valuation for cryptos will be dependent on pumps and dumps.

  • Funding Societies

    Coinbase responded to $XRP rumor. Too bad. The party is over. Last Coinbase-XRP rumor pushed Ripple to ATH...

  • haha.. a lot of people already made what they wanted to make in the mean time.


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