Who are we?

  • Funding Societies

    Welcome to CrowdFund Talks.

    This is a public forum owned and operated by Funding Societies.

    We have launched CrowdFund Talks to do our part in helping grow the crowdfunding industry. Everyone is welcome to get involved and we would love for you to share your experiences. We will be operating on a light-touch model, i.e. allow discussions to flow freely and only moderate where Content Guidelines are violated.

    The forum should be free of content that is harmful or offensive to any of the companies discussed here.

    Our aim is to provide a platform for you to discuss and share information on crowdfunding and P2P financing as alternative forms of investment.

    Head over to the Recent Topics section to find out what people have been discussing lately.

    This forum is split into several categories where you can discuss anything related to P2P financing, crowdfunding, Funding Societies and other companies operating in this space. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any queries through our dedicated customer support channel.

    Funding Societies is a pioneer in Southeast Asia, specializing in debt crowdfunding (peer-to-peer financing). Essentially we are a financial technology (fintech) startup that facilitates the matching of SMEs seeking financing to investors in the community. Check out our progress here.


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