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  • RE: Who are our cryptocurrency investors/traders here?

    Former trader. Trading takes too much time and stress. I do not believe in crypto so I don’t invest. Only traded where the momentum is.

    posted in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies
  • Who are our cryptocurrency investors/traders here?

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you've enjoyed the long weekend, all pumped up and ready for the week ahead 💪💪💪

    Creating this poll ^ so we could all get a gauge of the number of cryptocurrency investors/traders/hodlers/owners/ex-owners here in the community

    This would further shape the type of content we create, and the future AMA sessions we can host, so do vote! :)

    For the rest of us who did not respond to the poll (basically, you're not investing in crypto),

    You / your friends might...

    (A) have done some research on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you want to move forward, but you're stuck
    (B) have done some research, and you're skeptical about it.
    (C) be somewhat skeptical about it....
    (D) not have done enough research to form an opinion
    (E) be uninterested in Cryptocurrency (equally valid opinion!)
    (F) be waiting till the industry stabilises even further, or for more regulations to be enforced

    Which option(s) best describes you? And why?

    Note: This list is non-exhaustive (something I came up with in 10 minutes), so please feel free to comment and add options to the list if I've missed anything.

    posted in Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

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